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Setting Up a Belkin Account

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Initiate the Belkin login process by accessing an online browser on your system. Users need to select among Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari depends on your choice. After opening your most preferable browser , type within the browser’s address bar, hit the Enter key and wait till the Belkin main page launches on your screen. ‘

  • Tap Login/Register
  • Locate this feature on the homepage, once found, click thereon . this may show both the section of Belkin Login and Account registration. As you've got not created a Belkin account yet, you're required to try to to so firstly. For that, you'll be urged to fill the given fields:

    • Full Name
    • Email Address
    • Repeat Email Address
    • Password
    • Repeat Password
    • Examine Belkin Terms Of Use

    It is suggested to read all the legal conditions of Belkin that basically includes License Agreement, Privacy Policy etc. All the links are given at the bottom-left corner of the homepage. return to the prevailing window once you've got read all the terms.

    Confirm Your Account

    To finalize your Belkin account, you've got to click on the Register button. this may successfully create your Belkin account. Now you'll move further for subsequent stage i.e Belkin Login

    How To Perform the Belkin Login Process?

    1. Like within the above procedure visit and appearance for the Sign to my Belkin section.
    2. Here you'll see two radio buttons- Social Account and Belkin Account.
    3. If you're getting to select the Social Account, confirm that you simply should have either Linked In, Facebook or Twitter account. While Belkin account asks for your registered email address and password.
    4. So choose anybody of them. If you've got selected a Social Account, it'll show you a pop-up box up which you're alleged to enter your chosen social account email address and password. But you furthermore may have the choice to make an account if you don’t have one.
    5. Upon selecting the Belkin Account, you'll see two separate fields of email address and password. As you've got already created a Belkin account by following the above procedure, you would like to only remember an equivalent credentials.
    6. In the first field, provide your email id and sort all its characters in small letters. For login into your account, submit your password that belongs to your Belkin account into its named field.
    7. When you are through with entering all the Belkin account details, click check in .

    Now, you'll modify your Belkin account settings or by any of its products.

    Troubleshoot Belkin Login Issues
    Sometimes users face issues when trying to login to the Belkin account. Either you're unable to access its official website otherwise you are entering the incorrect credentials. there's also a case when your internet isn't working properly and thanks to this, you can’t launch the webpage. So read the given instructions.

    • Ensure that you're entering the right web address of Belkin i.e
    • Shift to a replacement browser for Belkin login. supported your selection, you've got a choice between Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.
    • Reboot your Wifi connection for getting the simplest signals from your router. Also, to reinforce the speed, you'll make use of a modem.
    • Check that your system is correctly connected to the Wifi. For that, click the wifi icon on your system and check your network SSID name. If you found that your device is connected to some unknown network, hook up with your network name and supply the password if its security enabled.
    • If it shows that your credentials don't match with the Belkin account. make sure you've got entered the authenticated email address and password. just in case you don’t remember the small print , you'll retrieve the knowledge by clicking on the Forgot Password link.
    • Also, if you've got saved the incorrect credentials in your Windows computer, delete them first.


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